Suzdal Map

Semi-realistic map of the city of Suzdal. Suitable for weak PCs.
Plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity and ride along the ancient streets of the ancient city!

There is a bus route number 2 on the map;

(Mod works on OMSI version 2.2.021 and higher)
Attention: An invisible wall has been detected! Disable all collisions in the game itself!

When building the map, objects and splines from the authors were used: Alex Azarh, Dark_Wolf, Denlog, Moskur, Jonpol, AFG_Converts, Jan Kiesewalter, Vektor, A. Tafintsev, Cheburator, V. Lagutin, D. Drozd, etc.

Installation instructions:
Contents of the archive copy it to the game folder, agreeing to a replacement!


Sergey Kukanov (liaz677)

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