Paz 4234-04 Bus Mod

What was done in this groove:
– Fixed doors ( Rubber bands).
– Added a new steering wheel (from 32054).
– Added new tires.
– Two types of caps (now they can be painted, and now caps are painted in the color of the paint).
– Pak new colors.
– Braid on the steering wheel.
– New curtains.
– Diesel tachometer.
– Changed doors that were different from the body.
– Now the folders are in order.
– Working window.
– Now two wipers are working, two buttons have been added to the panel.
– Fixed speedometer (texture), now it doesn’t lie.
– The front plate has been changed.
– Added rear door sound.
– Diesel sounds (Taken from PAZik 32054-07 – from Vitaly Lagutin).
– Changed the registration of hatches and luggage compartments.
– Added new plates, and lighting for them.


Alexey Lukin, Konstantin Rogozin, Zabachev Vladimir, Nikita Larkin

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