Marcopolo VLP

Bi-Articulated high floor prototype trolleybus.
Was built in 1997 and publicly shown at Expobus 98.
It Was the most advanced Brazilian trolleybus.
It had CRT screens for displaying the digital mirrors, air conditioner, ambient music, sliding doors, separated cockpit, 2 wheelchair areas, flip dot matrix and embedded cable recovering system.
This bus was developed for operating on the Fura Fila BRT in São Paulo in a similar way to o-bahn with guided operation.
The maximun capacity was 260 passengers at 80KM/h.
It was used in tests at tatuapé’s streets, Interlagos F1 circuit and on the expresso tiradentes between 1999 and 2000 but the passengers operation only lasted for 4 months.
Due to delays on the expresso tiradentes construction this bus was retired and abandoned.


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