MAN Citybus Series KVG Braunchweig Wagen 0215 ex Hochbahn Repaint

The KVG Braunschweiger 0215 ex Hochbahn is repainted here and has been raging around at the KVG since 2014. The bus had the number 7238 at the HHA at that time. The NG313 built in 2002 is also slowly coming to an end because its condition is not the best. But also not the worst that I can judge from my own experience. This is my 2nd repaint. Therefore, small quirks are to be expected. E.g. the handrails are black for whatever reason. If someone can help me, please get in touch. Now you can see the KVG logo on the first door as you can see in the pictures. in my last repaint (KOM 0130) it is not there because I had problems with the trans file. But there will also be a patch. Have fun with the repaint and have a good trip



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