MAN A78 Mini Pack [BETA]

Recommended version of OMSI
Current v2.3.x
Prerequisite commercial expansions
The first beta release of the MAN A78 bus is here! Now with 4 different layouts and 2 gearbox options to choose from (ZF/Voith).

Finally, after a long time of working on all versions to make them playable and working in good parameters, the MAN A78 is now available for everyone as a public beta in OMSI.

Brief info about the bus:

The MAN A78 EL2x3 (or Lion’s City T) is a low-entry citybus produced by MAN at their turkish plant (MANas) between 2004-2008 (with this specific body). It has been widely sold in Europe and other parts of the world, from the Netherlands to Kazakhstan.

The package includes the following versions:
– 2-2-1 (typical urban version of the bus)
– 2-2-0 (mostly seen in Denmark and Germany)
– 1-2-0 (probably the most known one, many, many of those were bought in the Netherlands)
– 1-2-1 (mostly seen in Sweden)

Each one comes with both ZF and Voith versions.

More about it on the attached readme file that’s coming with the bus. Informations about setvars, credits and other stuff are also written there.

Please note that this is my first ever bus mod, thus some things may or may not be subject to change/improvement in the future. The bus is NOT fully finished, but for now it’s playable so everything should be fine. Even more is about to come in the next updates, so stay tuned.

I accept criticism as long as it’s constructive and I will take any useful suggestions into account to try improving the bus more.

Known bugs and issues:
– no dirt texture (yet)
– some door components’ animations are a bit off (not really good at doing this, will try to fix this in a future update)
– a few small gaps in some places



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