Irisbus Arway 12 il Filobus N.75 Repaint

And after some time, here comes a repaint for Kescrole’s Irisbus Arway. This time it is a particular livery, that of the serial number 1033, or also called “il Filobus N.75”.
This livery is inspired by a short story by Gianni Rodari, very famous authors of children’s books in Italy. In addition to the 1033, 2 Iveco EuroRider 391E.12.29 also possessed this livery, even if they have not circulated for years.

Repaint details:
– Livrea “il Filobus N.75” taken entirely from the original vehicle
– Transparent glasses
– Italian license plate
– Dark gray passenger panels
– Bicolor poles: for white passenger panels and dark yellow for the upper ones
– Interior with ARRIVE texture

Differences with the original model:
– The original model has the ports in 1-2 configuration and not 1-1 as in the game
– Original seats are from FAINSA PUNK. In game, however, they will have their own Texture inspired by the one present on the Irisbus Evadys H models also from “ARRIVA UDINE” (ex SAF)



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