VBG Repaint for O530 Citaro EN02

VBG / Maag Busbetriebe Wagen 41, built in 1999, was one of the first Citaro in Switzerland. What is special is the fact that it was a three-door model with a stationary engine. Such vehicles only drove around in Lucerne and Geneva. Otherwise, practically all Citaro’s up to / with C2 Euro 5 in Switzerland are hLA’s with a lying engine. The OM906LA engine was also a rarity, which is rare in Switzerland. (Mainly OM457hLA) The remaining Citaro’s at Maag (from 2000 C1 and from 2005 FL) were delivered with an OM457hLA engine. This vehicle was taken out of service in 2015 and replaced by a C2. The EN02 is required because this bus had SST’s. Status of the repaint: 2014


El Barto

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